“It’s hard” – Bernardo Silva agrees with Man City teammate Kevin De Bruyne about this problem

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Manchester City star Bernardo Silva has joined Manchester City team-mate Kevin De Bruyne in criticising the number of matches that players are being forced to participate in.

Silva criticised the volume of games that players are forced to play following Portugal’s 1-1 draw against Spain in their first outing of their UEFA Nations League campaign in Seville on Thursday night.

Silva played the full 90 minutes against Spain on Thursday night, meaning he has now made 58 appearances for club and country this season.

Portugal’s 1-1 draw against Spain is their first of four matches in ten days.

“For the fans it’s good but for the players it’s hard,” Bernardo admitted, speaking to AS.

“After a season in which we’ve had 60 games, to come here and then have to play four more… many people have spoken about it.

“There are too many games, in the end, too many injuries. We start the new season in a month’s time and I’m certain we are not going to be 100 per cent ready.

“It’s tough but it is what it is.”

Earlier this week, De Bruyne criticised the Nations League as an unimportant competition.

De Bruyne said: “For me, the Nations League is unimportant. We have to play those matches, but it’s a kind of practice campaign.

“Everyone has had a very tough season. As soon as we are on the field, we do what we have to do. Then I want to win. Other than that, I don’t have much to say about it.

“We have nothing to say about it. As players, we can talk about vacation or rest, but we have no say. We follow what we need to do and that’s it.

“We have a little more than three weeks of vacation every 12 months. The outsiders don’t understand how a player feels after a season. It doesn’t have to be, in the end it won’t change anyway. Nor is there any point in saying anything about it. Nothing will change anyway.”