‘I lost my number one fan’ – Former Manchester City striker Tevez retires from football

Photo: Getty images

Former Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez has announced that he has retired from football, explaining that the passing of his “number one fan”, his father Segundo Raimundo, was the main reason he has decided to stop playing.

Tevez told Argentine talk show Animales Sueltos: “I’ve retired, it’s confirmed. I had offers from many places, but as a player I had already given everything I had.

“My last year playing [at Boca Juniors] was very hard because he (Tevez’s late father, Segundo Raimundo) was brain dead. I woke up one day and told Vane (Tevez’s wife, Vanessa): ‘I don’t want to play anymore’.

“I called Adrian (Tevez’s agent, Adrian Ruocco) in the afternoon and told him: ‘Look, I’m not going to play anymore. I’m retiring’.

“They asked me all the time why I had stopped playing until I told them: ‘I stopped playing because I lost my number 1 fan’. I was eight years old and he was the one who came to watch me.

“Why else have I decided to retire]? I told them: ‘I don’t play for anyone anymore’. I think that (his decision to retire) was the only time I really thought about myself. I had lost my number one fan and that made me not want to play anymore.”

Tevez joined Manchester City in the summer of 2009, scoring 73 goals in 148 appearances before leaving for Juventus in 2013.

He won the Premier League and FA Cup during his time at Manchester City.