Don’t join Manchester City – Theo Walcott tells Manchester City transfer target

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Theo Walcott has urged Bukayo Saka to stay at Arsenal and shun a move to Premier League champions Manchester City.

Manchester City are reportedly interested in signing the 20 year old Arsenal winger with Raheem Sterling and Gabriel Jesus considering moves away from Manchester City.

“Well, there is obviously a transitional stage at Arsenal, that Mikel is part of, and Saka is massively part of it as well,” Walcott told talkSPORT.

“The younger crop of players at Arsenal coming through, I feel as though the club need to keep hold of him, simple as that.

“Obviously, when Manchester City coming knocking on the door, it is such a hard thing for any player really to turn down.

“He is very young, but I feel that he likes the area of London in Arsenal, the fans have been fantastic, and at the Emirates, which is one of the best stadiums I have ever played in.

“He has great support, and I will be intrigued. My heart says he will be at Arsenal next season, and we will see after that.

“He needs to understand that the playing opportunities will be limited at Manchester City. He will, of course, be more likely to win things, but it is not saying Arsenal won’t win things.

“I think they are in that phase, they are slowly starting to get there. They would have taken fifth at the start of the season, given how it went.

“I am hopeful he will be at Arsenal next season, I am pretty sure of that.”

Rangers legend Ally McCoist has also warned the Arsenal star against joining Manchester City.

“You would think he would be guaranteed to play at Arsenal every week, where as, he would be going from a big fish in small pond to a small fish in a big pond if he went to City,” McCoist said.

“The rotation system they have every week, he would not always be playing, at Arsenal he is one of the big chiefs.

“He would have more chance of winning tings at City, but that is not to say Arsenal won’t win anything, it is certainly not the case. The offer would turn most young boys heads, of course it would.”