Phil Foden warned against signing new Manchester City contract

Phil Foden Manchester City
Photo: Getty images

Manchester City star Phil Foden has been warned against signing new Manchester City contract.

The 22 year old is set to sign a new six-year Manchester City contract that will see him triple his wages from £65,000-a-week to around £200,000-a-week.

But Phil Foden has been warned about the length of his new Manchester City deal by former Chelsea striker Tony Cascarino.

Cascarino told talkSPORT: “It was always coming because he is a terrific young player with an immense amount of talent. 

“The interesting thing for me is that it’s a six year deal.

“The free transfer scenario they are trying to avoid. It’s a long time to sign a contract for a footballer.

“An awful lot can change. Not many want to got to five. Most players go to four, when you are a certain age, because you know wages can go past you fairly quickly.

“We are talking about ridiculous amounts of money, but even in that world, £200,000-a-week people might be saying ‘why did he sign that deal’, when in four years’ time £400,000-a-week might be the amount.”

Meanwhile, Manchester City have reached an agreement with Chelsea for the transfer of Raheem Sterling in a deal worth £47.5 million.

Sterling, who earned £300,000-a-week at Manchester City will now earn around £315,000-a-week at Chelsea.