Good luck on the wrong side of Manchester – Haaland reveals message he received from former Premier League manager

Erling Haaland Manchester City

Erling Haaland has revealed former Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sent him a message following his move to Manchester City.

According to Haaland, Solskjaer sent him a message stating he was at the wrong side of Manchester.

Haaland, who is preparing for a new challenge in the Premier League after scoring 86 goals in 89 appearances for Borussia Dortmund, previously worked with his fellow countryman Solskjaer at Molde.

Haaland told Manchester Evening News: “When I signed with City he congratulated me and wrote to me ‘Good luck on going to the wrong side of Manchester’.

“We talk sometimes. As you know, he had a huge impact on my career when I was at Molde. He’s a good guy.”

Haaland joined Molde as a 16-year-old and went on to score 20 goals in 50 games for them, earning himself a move to Red Bull Salzburg that ultimately acted as a springboard to Dortmund and City.

Haaland added on taking on a Premier League challenge: “Three years ago City didn’t want me because they had Aguero up front so then there was no choice about coming to Man City.

“Basically, my feeling was I felt more going to the other place than coming here to England. I could have come here a lot of times in my career but I felt the other place and I think it was a really good choice.

“I have made perfect choices ever since I went to Molde, then Salzburg and Dortmund. I’m not complaining about that.”