Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham can’t stop Man City from winning the league – Roy Keane

Photo: Getty images

Manchester United legend Roy Keane believes Manchester City and Liverpool are favourites to win the Premier League title next season.

Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham, along with Keane’s old club Man United, will be hoping to close the gap on Man City and Liverpool but Keane doesn’t believe they should get their hopes up.

“I don’t think they will close the gap,” Keane told Sky Bet.

“I think they will be a bit better. They have quality and the recruitment, but you can’t look beyond Liverpool and Man City.”

Speaking more about his old club Manchester United, Keane added: “The manager no doubt will be given money to spend, how he recruits, four or five experienced players have left the club, which I think is a good thing.

“But I still don’t see United competing with Liverpool and Manchester City, not just yet.”

On City, Keane added: “Brilliant players, they’ve obviously improved with an unbelievable striker [Haaland] and they’ve got one of the greatest managers ever in Pep [Guardiola].”