Jack Grealish sends warning to Premier League teams about this Manchester City star

Photo: Getty images

Jack Grealish has warned Premier League teams that Erling Haaland will be unstoppable for Manchester City this season.

“Erling’s looked good in training and once he reaches full fitness will be unstoppable,” Grealish said. “I can’t wait to play with him and I’m really looking forward to it.

“He actually said to me, ‘I’m only half the price of you so I haven’t got the pressure’.

“Obviously it’s always going to be big expectations but nowadays you have to deal with it. I suppose if he misses a chance or whatever then people are always going to have something to say. I’ve had to get used to it myself.”

Grealish added: “He is a great guy, a brilliant guy. The first day that I met him we took a car together and even after that ride I thought, ‘what a guy’. He’s so down to earth and quite up front with the way he is. You get used to that.”