Kyle Walker: This is my main objective

Photo: Getty images

Manchester City right-back Kyle Walker has revealed his main objective when he steps unto the pitch is to stop goals and get a clean sheet.

Walker said as per Manchester Evening News: “I just try to go out and do the job, the things I’m good at. My main objective is stopping goals and making sure we don’t concede goals and get a clean sheet.”

He continued: “I feel fantastic, if you said to me at 21 that I’d still be playing Premier League football at 32 at the standard I’m playing at, I’d have probably said no.

“Was I probably living a little bit different to what I am now? One million per cent. I’m looking after myself the best as I can. I feel healthy and fit, I feel quick still and sharp. I’m still eager to learn. Whenever there’s a question to ask the manager or something I feel I can improve on, I’m the first to ask him and make sure that’s something I can do to benefit the team.

“You can’t have an off day. If you have an off day you get found out. If you get found out in training you don’t play the game. I said before the World Cup that if I didn’t work under Pep for the year I did then I don’t think I could have played in a back three under Southgate. It’s learning the game, the game’s evolving. The standard of players coming in, the quality of players coming in is incredible.”