Pep Guardiola reveals when Manchester City will hit top form after beating Bayern 1-0

Photo: Getty images

Manchester City beat Bayern Munich 1-0 on Sunday thanks to a goal from Erling Haaland but Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola believes Manchester City are yet to hit top form.

According to Guardiola, Manchester City will hit top form two to three weeks after the season starts proper.

Guardiola said: “After we come back we have long weeks to prepare every weekend game. In those two or three weeks we will get the best form.”

Guardiola also believes Haaland will be even more of a threat when he’s had more time on the training ground.

“He scored a goal which is important, these type of goals in front of keeper – always he’s there,” Guardiola said.

“The first minutes, he needs more rhythm and time but already he had 45 minutes which is good for him.

“We’ll see how he reacts to the niggles that he had in the previous weeks.”