Jamie Carrager reveals two reasons why Liverpool and not Manchester City will win the Premier League title

Jamie Carragher
Photo: Getty images

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has backed his former side Liverpool to beat Manchester City to the Premier League title this season.

Carragher believes the Reds’ usual bright start to a seasons and the the form of key Reds players like Van Djik, Alisson, Luiz Diaz and Mo’Salah will help them usurp City to the title. 

“Two things, look Man City are favourites, I think most people in the room would think City would win the league,” Jamie Carragher said on the Overlap YouTube channel.

“I think, there’s a couple of things that I’m maybe hanging on to with Liverpool is the fact that, I think once Virgil van Dijk was up to speed last season – you got the first three or four months out of the season – in the second half of the season, him and the goalkeeper [Alisson Becker] were absolutely what you would expect them to be and what they’ve been for the last three or four years.

“If you get them [Liverpool] at their best, at the very sort of start at the season, and don’t forget, every season van Dijk has been at Liverpool a full season, Liverpool have got over 90 points and the other thing is that Liverpool have got sort of three or four top players.

“I don’t know about City to be honest; it might be the same, not going to the World Cup. So, Luis Díaz is not going, [Mohamed] Salah’s not going.

“I don’t really know City, but there’s a few decent players sort of from Liverpool I think, you know, could that make a difference in the second half of the season.”