Manchester City fans react to Gabriel Jesus fine start to his Arsenal career

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Some Manchester City fans have reacted to former City striker Gabriel Jesus fine start to his Arsenal career.

The 25-year-old striker has scored and assisted two goals each in just two appearances so far.

The Brazilian also enjoyed a successful pre-season, which ended with him scoring seven goals.

While the City fans are happy for him, they also don’t want him to have a good outing when he plays against us this season.

Here’s how some Manchester City reacted on Reddit –

daveape: “Whilst it gives me no joy to watch Arsenal win, I’m loving seeing Gabby and Zinchenko tearing it up!”

DerrickMcChicken: “Gabby is awesome man. Gonna miss him a lot. Ill never forget that Madrid Quarters a couple years ago where he terrorized Varane for 90 minutes.”

frodakai: “Thrilled to see him doing well. Hope he thrives. Was always one of my favourite players.”

xenojive: “Hope he does well against everyone else and turns into Iheanacho against us.”

retirement4DILFS: “Understand where he’s coming from. Hopefully he shits the bed when he plays us.”