What Pep Guardiola said about Manchester City’s 4-point gap over Liverpool

Pep Guardiola
Photo: Getty images

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has laughed off claims City have a massive advantage in our rivalry against Liverpool in the Premier League title race.

We have collected maximum points from our opening two games compared to the Reds who have drawn both league games this season.

Despite the 4-point gap between both teams, Guardiola is not getting carried away.

Asked if four points was a big gap given the two sides’ rivalry over the last couple of seasons, Guardiola replied sarcastically: “Yeah, a lot, just 111 points to play!

“It is just two Premier League games. It is a process to get our game better, we are still in a process like pre-season.

“We have long weeks of training but when we start September this is not going to happen. We are trying to improve our principles, our game. The best way to see how the team is is during the games.

“The last two games we were really good, the players proved to me again how wrong I was because they did it really well.

“It is not a question about Liverpool, it is Manchester City, I don’t know Liverpool. You know the respect I have, it is what we have to do ourselves.”