“I apologised to Kevin De Bruyne” – Newcastle United star admits after 3-3 draw

Photo: Getty images

Newcastle United right-back Kieran Trippier has revealed that he apologised to Kevin De Bruyne after catching him with a high tackle, a foul he was initially sent off for, in Sunday’s thrilling 3-3 draw between Manchester City and Newcastle United.

Trippier, who scored the third goal for Newcastle with a stunning free-kick, was shown a red card for the foul on De Bruyne but the referee then overturned the decision after consulting VAR. 

“I would sacrifice everything for my team,” Trippier told Sky Sports.

“I want to win but I’m not the type of player to injure anyone. I was speaking to Kev [De Bruyne] after the game, I apologised for it, but it’s my team and I want to win.

“I never go into a tackle to injure a player, I want to make that clear, and the referee overturned it.”