Patrick Vieira reveals why his Crystal Palace side lost to Manchester City

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Crystal Palace boss Patrick Vieira has claimed his side lost 4-2 to Manchester City on Saturday at the Etihad Stadium due to physical exhaustion and lack of aggression in their style of play.

He said: “And in the second-half I think physically we dropped a little bit. I think we didn’t put enough pressure on the ball, and that allowed them to move the ball quicker from one side to the other and create the situation where they felt comfortable, create those chances and score goals.

“It was difficult [in the second-half], the momentum was on their side and it was really difficult for the [Palace] players who came on.

“But overall we showed character and the quality of the opposition made the difference in the end.

“When you are disappointed what you want is to bounce back straightaway and the game on Tuesday [against Brentford in the Premier League] will be important for us to bounce back and try to win it.

“We can be really proud of the fans making their way to the stadium to support the team in a really difficult [travel] period.

“From the players and myself we really want to thank them for making that effort and to be behind us.”