Pep Guardiola reveals Erling Haaland is still adapting to Man City’s style despite superb start

Photo: Getty images

Despite Erling Haaland scoring nine goals in just five Premier League games, Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola believes the striker is still adapting to Manchester City’s style of play.

Guardiola believes Haaland will get even better when he gets to know how his team-mates play.

“We are really pleased with him,” Guardiola said.

“He is a lovely, lovely guy. You see his passion for the job. But in the same way as Stefan, Kalvin, Julian – this is what we are looking for. To be comfortable.

“What happens in the future I don’t know. I have a feeling he understands what we want better.

“It takes time, for crosses from Kevin are quicker than Riyad, for example. So, to read the tempo and timings needs time.

“Try to continue. Tomorrow is another example, another battle and challenge.

“Keep going. In bad moments, be calm, relax and find out why.

“It won’t change the world if one day he does not score goals.

“Except Newcastle game in some moments, we were so stable in what we have done.”