Revealed: Manchester City star is a mathematics genius

Photo: Getty images

Manchester City centre-back Manuel Akanji has been revealed as a maths genius.

Akanji isn’t just fast on the pitch but the 27 year old German international is also fast in calculations. According to Akanji, he ‘knows calculations by heart’ and would practice with the numbers of car registration plates.

In 2018, Akanji appeared on a German entertainment show titled ‘Wetten, dass?’ where his talent was put to the test.

In a clip of his appearance being shared on social media, the presenter asks an audience member to select two numbers at random between 11 and 99, reports Manchester Evening News. The presenter says he will use a calculator to multiply the numbers to get an answer – and Akanji will calculate the answer in his head.

She picks 24 and 75 – and the defender shouts 1,800 immediately. “I didn’t even start typing yet,” says the presenter to laugher from the audience. “That was easy,” responds Akanji.

To prove his answer was no fluke, the same audience member then selects 33 and 97. “3,201,” says a smiling Akanji, which is the correct answer.

Asked on the show how he came by his talent Akanji said: “A lot of training. I was interested in numbers at school already. My teacher organised a lot of competitions. I won pretty much every time.

“I did mathematical calculations also with licence plates. Don’t ask me why. So I know a few calculations by heart.”

Watch the video below: