This Manchester City star will help Erling Haaland score even more goals

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Real Valladolid boss Jose Rojo Martin has claimed new Manchester City left-back Sergio Gomez will be perfect for Manchester City striker Erling Haaland.

Gomez, 21, played under Martin at Huesca (on loan from Borussia Dortmund) before leaving for Anderlecht and then joining Manchester City this summer.

Martin, now Valladolid manager, revealed: “When I took over, Huesca had only 11 points after 17 games and were bottom of the league.

“Sergio was playing as a right-winger, cutting inside, but we had a meeting and I told him I thought he would be perfect at left-back.

“I remember being in my office and telling him he’d be a big success there and he accepted the challenge straightaway.

“In modern football so many players will question a coach’s decision if he is asked to play a totally different position and that can cause problems.

“But Sergio was just different. From the day I opened the door to the dressing room I found him a special boy and very receptive to everything you told him.

“I’m not saying everything changed because of my decision but the way he adapted was perfect. He completely nailed it from that day.

“We turned things round and needed to beat Valencia in the last game to survive. We drew 0-0 and Sergio hit the post with a long shot, so we were so unlucky.

“If we had stayed up, Huesca had a clause that we could buy him from Dortmund. Instead, he moved to Anderlecht.”

Martin added: “He is an excellent crosser, it’s like he has a velvet glove on his left foot — and he has a super powerful shot from long distance.

“The current top left-backs are athletes who can run really well but there aren’t excellent crossers who can also penetrate inside the box. But people will see that with Gomez.

“Manchester City have finally signed a typical No 9 in Erling Haaland but he needs some good service — and will get even more goals from Sergio’s crosses.

“I’m absolutely delighted for him and I know he is going to excel at City.

“Sergio just belongs to the elite and could become the best left-back in football.”