Revealed: The real reason why Carlos Tevez dumped Man United for Man City

Photo: Getty images

Carlos Tevez dumped Manchester United for Manchester City in 2009 after spending two years at Old Trafford.

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand, who was a close friend of Tevez, has now revealed the real reason why the Argentine dumped Manchester United for Manchester City.

“Tevez wanted to sign a contract for Man United well before that,” Ferdinand revealed.

He continued: “Man United delayed and didn’t come to him and he thought… and said ‘you know what you disrespected me and no matter what you offer me I’m not signing.”

“And I remember the then chairman David Gill asking me to ring him and to speak to him and his agent and tell him the club want to sign you. His agent said to me: ‘Rio it doesn’t matter what money they offer he won’t sign, he feels he’s been disrespected and that’s it’.”