Kevin De Bruyne isn’t the greatest Premier League midfielder ever – Pundit claims

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Former Premier League midfielder Jamie O’Hara has dismissed suggestions Manchester City star Kevin de Bruyne is the Premier League’s greatest-ever midfielder.

Former Chelsea defender Jason Cundy hailed De Bruyne as the greatest ever Premier League midfielder but O’Hara insists that’s ridiculous.

“Ridiculous.” O’Hara said in response.

“There have been so many amazing players in the Premier League. You’re just thinking [that] because you’re seeing him now.

“You’re not looking back on the great midfielders that have been in the Premier League.”

“Gerrard goes down for me as the best midfielder the Premier League has ever seen,” O’Hara continued.

“I played against Scholes, I played against Gerrard, I played against Lampard. For me, Gerrard was on another planet to any other player that I walked on a football pitch with.

“Steven Gerrard, he was unbelievable, he was a machine.

“I walked off the pitch when I played against him and was like, ‘Oh my word, I’ve come up against a player that I couldn’t get near in any single form of the game’.

“Heading, crossing, passing, strength, decision-making, awareness, pace, ability – he had everything.

“He carried the club [Liverpool] on his back for how many years?

“De Bruyne is an amazing player and he will go down as one of the greats in the Premier League – but not the greatest.

“The greatest midfielder the Premier League has ever seen in Steven Gerrard. Without a shadow of a doubt.

“And Scholes, Lampard, Roy Keane, Patrick Vieira, they’re all above De Bruyne. You can’t say De Bruyne is the greatest when you’ve got those five midfielders ahead of him!”