‘Sensationalist nonsense’ – Mark Goldbridge claims Man City star isn’t the Premier League’s best-ever

Photo: Getty images

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TalkSPORT host and The United Stand presenter, Mark Goldbridge, has claimed Manchester City striker Erling Haaland is not the best striker the Premier League has ever seen.

Goldbridge told talkSPORT: “I don’t agree with this is the best Premier League side ever, I don’t agree with the title race is over.

“I don’t agree with Erling Haland is the best striker we’ve ever seen in the Premier League because I just think that is sensationalist nonsense that does no service to the history of this great league.

“If anybody thought Erling Haaland was going to flop – what are you on?

“It was very, very obvious that when you bring a striker that can do everything, is powerful, is quick, can score with both feet, outside [of the foot], in[side of the foot], and head – of course he’s going to be a success in that Manchester City side.”

Goldbridge then added: “I genuinely think you could put Che Adams up front from Southampton and he’d score goals. That’s how good that team is.

“But that takes nothing away from Erling Haaland and it took him an hour to score? [against Southampton]

“So they’re not totally reliant on that. [Joao] Cancelo was fantastic, you’ve got [Kevin] De Bruyne, Bernardo Silva, Phil Foden.”