Aguero: Manchester City star has proven he’s a talented and reliable player

Photo: Getty images

Manchester City’s all-time record goal-scorer Sergio Aguero has heaped praise on Julian Alvarez after the youngster’s first few months at the club.

“Julian has a polished character, he’s calm and collected, and always eager to learn and I think his first steps at City have shown this,” said Aguero.

“Arriving from Argentina and kickstarting your career in the Premier League – especially in a team filled with amazing players like City – is easier said than done.

“However, he’s had a superb adaptation. He has been able to find the net, yes, but most importantly, he’s been able to suit Pep’s vision perfectly – applying constant pressure, sprinting non-stop, finding gaps and partnering up.

“It’s been his first few months, but he’s proven he’s a talented and reliable player, up to the quality that a major club like City demand.”

Aguero is happy some people see similarities to his early days at City and the start Alvarez has made.

“Keep the goals coming, I say then!” he said.

“That just might be the case (the similar style). Julian has a knack for finishing a play when facing a keeper.

“He knows when and how to signal a pass from a team-mate, maintain a good spatial sense, and shoot precisely.

“He’s got a way to go, as this is his first season in Europe, but under Pep’s guidance, in a team like City, he has all he needs to grow. His ability to learn is the final piece of the puzzle.”

Aguero is also confident Alvarez will make an impact at the World Cup with Argentina.

“Argentina has a wealth of forwards and strikers, and a player like Julian is a great option,” said Aguero.

“Any team that aspires to do well at the World Cup finals needs a roster full of great players.

“And Julian is one of them.”