Sergio Aguero blocked from visiting Argentina’s World Cup squad

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Manchester City and Argentina legend Sergio Aguero has revealed he has been blocked from visiting Argentina’s World Cup squad in Qatar.

Aguero was expected to be part of his national side’s coaching staff for the World Cup but he rejected the role and now has not even been able to visit the squad.

Aguero told ESPN: “I haven’t seen the national team yet. Hey, let’s see, but everything is kind of weird. Supposedly you have to have a credential to pass through.

“It sounds strange to me that it takes three or four days to arrange. I asked and was told the decision has come from above – but I see there are others who have been allowed in.

“It’s strange that they can’t give me the right credentials quickly.

“I’ve been in the national team and know they make a credential for you quickly. What do I know? I’m not going to bother. I’m going to wait for everything to finish.

“I wanted to go earlier, to wish them luck. The situation is rare. I’ve never done anyone wrong.

“I’ve always behaved well. Maybe there are people who don’t like being told bad things.

“It annoys me that others arrive the same day of their trip and suddenly they are in there. I sent a good luck message. If they don’t want me to go, it’s all good, but tell me to my face.”

He added: “The invitation to be part of Argentina staff was in the table.

“I spoke with Chiqui [Tapia, Argentina Football Association president] and I was clear with him about my goal to enjoy my time.”

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