Vincent Kompany reveals what makes Pep Guardiola different from other managers

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Manchester City legend Vincent Kompany has revealed what makes Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola different from other managers.

Kompany, who is now manager of Burnley, have got the Championship side playing slick, possession-based football – a far cry from their former style.

Providing an insight into what makes Guardiola different from the rest, Kompany said:“His players have tasks to execute and (if they don’t do as asked), they are out.

“He is demanding but what he says makes sense. I really want to make it clear, I’m my own person, as a manager, of course, but I still draw towards what I experienced as a player.

“He is extremely clear and everything he wants in every phase of the game – and then he finds the players who are willing to do it. There’s not one player who doesn’t have a task at any given time. If you don’t execute it (his plan), it doesn’t matter how good you are, it’s onto the next one.”

Kompany also revealed his mindset about football changed when he played under Guardiola.

“Yeah (whether he views the game differently as a manager),” he said. “But I changed when I was a footballer, as soon as I met the guy (Guardiola). It just made so much sense.

“You play against good teams, with very good players and you start having easy games against the same players that were battering you week in, week out. Then you realise this ‘there’s something to it (management).’”

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