Manchester City won’t underestimate RB Leipzig, Manchester City star declares

Photo: Getty images

Kevin De Bruyne says City won’t underestimate RB Leipzig ahead of Tuesday’s UEFA Champions League second leg Round of 16 meeting.

The tie is finely poised going into the match at the Etihad Stadium following a 1-1 draw in the reverse fixture.

“The risk of underestimating them is not that big because I think we’ve played them now three times in the last two years,” De Bruyne said.

“We already know what kind of team it is. High energy and quality. An intense team. They have that Red Bull DNA where they play a lot of players in the middle.

“They are very aggressive, they know how to make it a tough game and I think they have a lot of quality.”

He added: “I played against them with Wolfsburg in the cup when they were in the second division and it’s pretty similar. Kimmich and Poulsen were still there.

“Obviously I’ve been away for a long time. They took a step from eight years ago from second division to playing top four and Champions League all the time.

“You can’t do this without having so much quality. So, I’m aware of what traits they have, but hopefully we’ll manage that tomorrow.”