‘I don’t think I have played to the best of my ability this season’ – Manchester City player admits

Photo: Getty images

Cole Palmer has admitted he hasn’t played to the best of his abilities for Manchester City this season.

“The season has been tough, I’m not going to lie,” Palmer said. “When you’re not playing it does affect you.

“When I’ve played this season, I don’t think I’ve played to the ability I could have. I don’t really have any complaints to be honest.

“Maybe when I have played, I’ve been trying that bit too hard to try and do something. Maybe I was putting too much pressure on myself, that when I did get the opportunity thinking ‘right, I’ve got to do something here’ so I can have a chance of staying in the team.

“It’s been frustrating but I’m not one to stop. The coaches believe in me and they’ve told me that. It’s up to me to prove my ability.”

“In training you have to do more than you’re doing,” Palmer added. “You can’t just do the bare minimum and expect to play. I’ve got to do more and more. I’m at one of the best teams in the world, with the best players, so I try not to get too down.

“All of the lads have given me advice. Riyad (Mahrez) is the one I look up to the most. He’s 12 years older than me, he’s telling me all the information. I’m always next to him in training. If you go in there and not listen, you’ll just drown.”