Rodri or Casemiro? The better player has been revealed

Former Premier League striker Peter Crouch has insisted that he would rather have Casemiro on his team instead of Rodri.

The topics sparked debate on BT Sport’s coverage of City’s game against Liverpool on Saturday, with Joleon Lescott and Rio Ferdinand backing the man that plays for their respective former sides.

Crouch, however, as a neutral, stepped into claim Casemiro is the better player.

“Casemiro has impacted United, but from a centre-half point of view he (Rodri) prevents a lot of opportunities,” Lescott said. “I would definitely put him over Casemiro.

“It’s not just my City bias, he is the most adaptable. I think even Sean Dyche would sign Rodri. No social media, low maintenance.”

United legend Ferdinand, however, said: “I would take Casemiro because his impact has been huge. He is more than just a player, he is a leader.

“I’m not saying Rodri isn’t a leader, but what he has won as well elevates him above. Rodri is a fantastic footballer as well. When you watch him live, he stacks up.”

Crouch, formerly of the likes of Liverpool and Tottenham, however, settled the debate.

He said: “As the only impartial man in this camp I take Casemiro because of his impact at United.”