‘We’re going to fight until the end’ – Manchester City star sends warning to Arsenal

Photo: Getty images

Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva has warned league leaders Arsenal that Manchester City will fight for the title until the end.

“I think we’re playing our best football of the season. Where we are at the moment is the best we’ve played, by far,” Bernardo told reporters.

“Arsenal can win it, but we’re going to fight until the end. It can go both ways. Some people say ‘City are more experienced’ and others say ‘oh, because they’ve won it in the past, they don’t want to win it any more’.

“For Arsenal, it’s the same. One day they don’t have enough experience to win it, but the next day it’s ‘oh they’re very hungry because they’ve never won it’. Experienced or inexperienced, they are there. They are very good and deserve to be there.”