I played with Lionel Messi but this player was phenomenal – Man City legend admits

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Manchester City legend Yaya Toure has singled out Andres Iniesta over Lionel Messi and David Silva as the “brutal talent” he learnt most from.

Asked by Marca which player impacted on him most at Barca, he replied:  “Iniesta has been a phenomenon. 

“Training with him every day was tremendous luck because I learned a lot.

“He was a different player physically, with a brutal talent.

“How he thought about the game and the intelligence that he had was something that caught my attention and that in football is very important.

“He feels the game and knows how to read it perfectly. He did not lose balls in training and neither in games.

“He had his own way of concentrating. I have always learned a lot from that player and from Xavi.”

But Toure believes City had their own version of Barca’s three geniuses.

He said: “I have been with Xavi and Iniesta at Barcelona, ​​but Silva (now at Real Sociedad) was and is terrific. 

“He is an incredibly talented player. Being able to play for so long with him has been great. 

“Then there were other stars, like Messi, but they were later and it’s different. Silva has been a differential footballer who sees football like few others.”