Manchester City star vows not to change his style of play

Photo: Getty images

Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson has vowed not to change his style of play.

The Brazilian goalkeeper is a key part of City’s system, and can often be seen keeping possession under pressure and rushing out to stop a counter-attack before it can reach his goal.

“Whether it is anticipating a certain play or reading a particular type of pass or save, concentration is a big factor in my game,” he told Sky Sports.

“I have worked really hard on that and I am still working on that today to keep improving so that I can foresee those moments in matches. It is definitely something we practice a lot.

“What we do in training games is that we get our goalkeepers to play on a very high line. That way, we replicate teams who press high against us. But also, by playing this high line, we can work on these decisions – whether you come off your line in the build-up.

“I think sometimes to be a goalkeeper you need to be a bit crazy. But you cannot be scared of coming out and stopping those kind of plays.”

When reminded of the 2017 challenge on Ederson by Liverpool’s Sadio Mane as an example of the brave decisions he makes in goal, the stopper insisted that side of his game will never change.

“I always put myself into it with everything that I have, even if I have to break every bone in my body, I will do it,” he said.

“Futsal really helped with that. You have to be calm, make the right decisions, pick the right passes. Because it is a small-sided pitch, you are playing under pressure a lot of the time and that helps me as a player even today. It makes that feeling of calmness more natural.

“You sometimes hear the crowd taking in that deep breath when play becomes a bit risky. But I cannot break my concentration. I have to maintain my cool. That helps me make the right decisions when the opposition are pressing and my job is to find the free man.”