Bernardo Silva reveals one thing he, Riyad Mahrez, and Jack Grealish all struggled to do at Manchester City

Photo: Getty images

Manchester City star Bernardo Silva has admitted he struggled in his first season at Manchester City just as Jack Grealish and Riyadh Mahrez.

Silva made the admission while praising Grealish for an impressive second season at Manchester City after struggling in his first season following his £100million move from Aston Villa.

“He’s been really, really good. Against Liverpool he was unbelievable,” said Bernardo Silva.

“The first season at City is not easy. For me it wasn’t simple – not easy for Riyad (Mahrez). People just think you’re going to come into one of the best teams in the world and are going to start every game and be the best player every game. It just doesn’t work that way.”

He added: “The manager demands a lot from the players, it’s a different style of play to most of the other teams. You have to get used to it. Sometimes it takes time. When you have tough moments you just have to accept it and keep going.

“Now Jack is doing well and I’m really happy for him – he deserves it.”