Former Manchester City star ‘living on death row’ after losing millions and becoming bankrupt

Photo: Getty images

Former Manchester City star Craig Bellamy has revealed he is bankrupt after a series of investments went south.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, he revealed: “I have been living the last five or six years on Death Row, just waiting for someone to put me out.

“I have been waiting for the cell door to open and someone to say: ‘Today’s the day’. It’s like the feeling of not being able to look forward to anything.

“All the money I’ve earned, I can’t get a mortgage. Financially, I have no future. The hurt of that. I can’t own anything. Everything’s gone.”

He added: “I want this to be a warning to other players.

“Check everything, make sure the people advising you are regulated. If they are not regulated, it’s the Wild West.”