Why Manchester City and not Arsenal will win the Premier League title

Sky Sports pundit and Manchester United legend Gary Neville is still backing Manchester City to win the Premier League title this season.

“I still think City are going to do it because they’ve got that bit more experience. It’s 50/50,” said Neville.

“It wasn’t [50/50], my mind was certain that City were going to win the league six to eight weeks ago. I thought, by now, Arsenal would have dropped lots of points and wouldn’t be where they are now.

“But I think now it’s 50/50. I think City might just still do it. I’m not going to put everything on the Liverpool game. Our manager [Sir Alex Ferguson] used to say to us, ‘if you win at Anfield, you win the league’, if it’s was this time of the year.

“Quite often, that proved to be the case. If Arsenal go to Anfield and win, I would say it’s their title. I just feel the confidence from that will be unbelievable. Anfield is a terror of a place to go. If they lose at Anfield, it becomes a really tight title race. I’m not saying they’re going to lose it [the title] if they lose at Anfield. But win at Anfield and I think they’ll win the league.”