Pep Guardiola gives verdict on Bayern Munich manager Thomas Tuchel

Pep Guardiola has highlighted Thomas Tuchel’s creativity ahead of Tuesday’s Champions League quarter-final clash between Manchester City and Bayern Munich at the Etihad Stadium.

Guardiola said: “He’s so creative with good build-up and connection, good runners and players who are good in the spaces.

“He went to Paris and did really well, not just winning the league but getting final of Champions League, the way they played was good and Chelsea he did a good job.”

Tuchel replaced Julian Nagelsmann as Bayern Munich manager recently and Guardiola doesn’t believe there are too many differences between the football of Tuchel and Nagelsmann.

Guardiola added: “Both [Tuchel and Nagelsmann] are so creative with the shape they play.

“We see with Tuchel, maybe they will do something new tomorrow. We will try to figure out the quality they have in all departments.

“It would’ve been difficult to play Bayern with Nagelsmann and with Tuchel. We don’t pay much attention, we will focus on what we have to improve to do well tomorrow.”