What Manchester City stars intend to do against Bayern Munich – Ruben Dias

Photo: Getty images

Ruben Dias says he can guarantee that City will fight for every thing ahead of the Champions League quarter-final with Bayern Munich.

“I guess all of us have a special feeling and taste when it comes to this stage [of the season],” Dias said. “Obviously, now is the time to be together and be producing – to be out there on the pitch doing what we can do best, every one of us.

“This is the moment to go through or not. I think our team gets fed by these moments and I think that’s a very good characteristic to have in our space of work.

“Every year is different. Obviously also we have different players but one thing is for sure, at least in the last two years I’ve been here, when we arrive at this stage, we’re ready.

“I cannot compare because different players and every year football changes. I can guarantee once again we are here and we will fight for everything.”