Did Pep Guardiola overthink his tactics against Chelsea in the 2021 Champions League final? Guardiola responds

Pep Guardiola was accused of overthinking his tactics for the 2021 Champions League final defeat to Chelsea.

Ahead of tonight’s Champions League game against Bayern Munich, Guardiola was asked about claims he did overthink his tactics against Chelsea in the Champions at final defeat.

Guardiola said: “I overthink because I lost. Regardless about it (how we play), if we lose, we lose. Maybe some decisions were wrong, but maybe I make another one and it’s exceptional. Going well, good decision, going bad, bad decision. There are reasons why we take decisions. I don’t give too much credit to say how brilliant I was.”

“Right in that moment. I see the players and see how they connect and the opponent and take the decision. It’s not about regret, it’s not going to change the now, so it’s normal. Before the game, I plan for this reason and this reason. If it happens, I’m right, if it doesn’t, I’m not.”