Manchester City backed to win Champions League, Premier League and FA Cup treble this season

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Manchester City have been backed to win the Champions League, Premier League and FA Cup treble this season.

“It looks like the players have flipped a switch now,” Noel Gallagher said on talkSPORT after Manchester City’s impressive victory over Bayern Munich.

“And looking in from the outside, it looks like the players have now said about the Champions League, ‘We’re going to go win it this year, this is it’.

“I’ve noticed, this huddle thing that we go into after we score and before we kick-off, I’ve never seen that before.

“It looks like a flip has been switched and we’re in trophy mode now, and from watching the games against Southampton and Liverpool, it looks like they are super, super focused now, and it’s real now.”

Asked if he felt Man City could win the treble, Gallagher added: “You better believe it! We’ve got Sheffield United in the FA Cup semi-final, probably Brighton [who play Man United] in the final if we get there.

“And then hopefully Chelsea will somehow jam it against Real Madrid and then we’ll annihilate them and play Benfica if they somehow manage to jam it into the final.

“But in all seriousness though, these are the moments you live for as a football fan, we’ve got potentially 15/16 games left, all finals. This could be it.

“It’s real, they can do it from here. Because no one has spoken about it for the last four months when usually it’s about the quadruple and all this kind of thing.

“Now all of a sudden, it’s like, ‘Oh hang on a minute, we’re still in for this treble here’ and actually watching that tonight, I wouldn’t bet against it.”