I want to play more – Manchester City star tells Pep Guardiola

Photo: Getty images

Manchester City midfielder Kalvin Phillips admitted after the 3-1 victory over Leicester City that he wants to play more for Manchester City.

Phillips said: “I come to this club to play football and I want to be involved but when you’ve got a player like Rodri in front of you it’s very difficult. I always want to learn and grow.

“This squad is unbelievable. The whole club is unbelievable. The way we push each other forward and how confident we are. Other than with Leeds pushing to get out of the Championship I haven’t been in a squad as together. We are confident and looking forward to each game as they come.”

On Manchester City’s performance against Leicester City, he added: “I think we are very happy with three more points. Three more points closer to Arsenal and we arre chasing them.

“First half we played really well and second half our standards sipped a little Towards the end there were a few mistakes and we had a couple of substitutions. I had a bit of a stinker to be honest, as Ederson saved it onto me and that resulted in their goal. Overall we are happy with the first 60 minutes or so.”