Gary Neville reveals what Arsenal players must do with their PlayStations to ensure Arsenal and not Manchester City win the Premier League title

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has revealed what Arsenal must do to ensure they win the Premier League title this season ahead of Manchester City.

Speaking on his Sky Sports podcast, he explained: “Sir Alex Ferguson always said ‘if you had to win one game to win the league would you take it?’ And the answer was always yes. [If] Arsenal win at the Etihad they’ll win the league.

“If you were handed this opportunity at the start of the season, that you have to go and win away at a ground to win the league you’d snap someone’s hand off to have that opportunity every single year. So this is something to feel excited about, this is not something to feel pressure about.

“City will love this game because they’ve been there before. Guardiola will love this game, but Arteta’s got to love this game and his players have got to love this game. [Gabriel] Martinelli, [Bukayo] Saka, [Martin] Odegaard, [Gabriel] Jesus can go and rip City to shreds a week on Wednesday.

“They can, they can go and score three at the Etihad and that’s how they’ve got to think. They’ve got to think that they’re going to go and create history.

“Think of Michael Thomas, think of [Freddie] Ljungberg at Old Trafford, think of all those times where their predecessors have done it before.”

Neville continued: “As much as I think that City will win the league, and I’ve said it all along, I’m now giving advice to Arsenal about what a run-in is, what a run-in feels like and what you have to think like.

“It’s tough, it’s really tough and I do hope they go and do it because it’ll be sensational for the league to see a team go from fifth [last season] to first. That’s what we want the Premier League to be like.”

Neville added: “I’ve said it before, I’ve been in those title run-ins when you have young players and you just start to get a little bit sluggish, not moving as freely, not moving as quickly. So [they need] loads of recovery, loads of rest, get off your PlayStations, don’t go out for a meal.

“Relax, watch films, sit in, do your preparation, have your massages, ice baths. Do everything perfectly and win on Friday night. I’m sure they’ll be good enough to beat Southampton on Friday night, but that’s a really important match for them.”