Manchester City winning the Premier League title ahead of Arsenal this season depends on one thing

Manchester City centre-back Aymeric Laporte believes Manchester City winning the Premier League title this season ahead of Arsenal depends on how well City can remain focused and keep consistency during the run-in.

“I think the team is in a good mood now, winning a lot of games in a row (10),” Laporte  told club media. “We have to keep focused as we have over the last few weeks and even months. We have to focus on ourselves, that’s all.

“The title depends on what we do now, which is very important for us, and we will try to do our best. The end of the season is always the most important part of the season, so we can’t miss.

“Obviously, it’s very hard as the teams at the bottom want three points to get out of the relegation zone and we want to win this title. It’s very important for us to win, win, win as we have the three titles to win, so we will try it.”

Laporte added: “What’s impressed me the most is that we’ve been able to be in the fight every season, as we’ve seen other teams that have dropped off and come back. Consistency is very important, and we have been able to achieve that.”