Thomas Tuchel reveals what Bayern Munich needs to beat Manchester City 4-0

Photo: Getty Images

Manchester City go into the second leg of our Champions League quarter-final tie against Bayern Munich with a commanding 3-0 lead.

Bayern Munich manager Thomas Tuchel admits that Bayern Munich need a miracle against a Manchester City side he considers to be the best in Europe.

Tuchel said: “We need a wonder, a miracle. It would be a miracle, actually. It’s different talking to the players, you don’t have to talk about belief.

“You need to be realistic. I don’t know if talking about a 4-0 is appropriate, I don’t know if Saturday contributed.

“We believe in ourselves. If we manage to play a good first half we can make it happen – everything is possible. If the moment comes if we have luck that we didn’t have in the first leg then everything is possible.

“There are periods, decisions by the referees, a shot saved, all these things come together. We need to find the belief in us. It doesn’t mean we dream, we are responsible for it.

“It’s a huge mountain to climb and that’s why we need to believe in ourselves but we don’t want to be dreamers. Dreaming for me is always close to sleeping and if you cannot do one thing you cannot sleep for one second.

“We need to believe and believing means we have it on our own hands to make things happen. We need to make it happen by team spirit and performance and energy.

“We are not alone, we can fight as a team, we have our spectators who will be ready to fight with us and then we need to have a realistic level and if you just look at the top of this huge mountain you may feel overwhelmed if you ever reach the top so take it step by step, half by half.

“The challenge is tough enough, we don’t need to make it more tough by constantly looking at the top of the mountain. We will start the journey tomorrow at 9pm and be ready to go all the way.”