£130million player to join Manchester City because of Erling Haaland

Photo: Getty images

Transfer insider Dean Jones has revealed Jude Bellingham looks set to join Manchester City in the summer so he can reunite with Erling Haaland.

Speaking to GIVEMESPORT, Jones said: “Jude Bellingham to Man City is making a lot of sense and actually I think more sense than Madrid right now, after I was chatting to a contact about his situation the other day. He was telling me how there is a passage of thought that Bellingham could follow Haaland to City… and then also follow him to La Liga.

“We know that City is not Haaland’s final destination and that he has a desire to push on as far as he can across Europe with his talent. And if Bellingham is able to follow him on that journey, his career is going to be golden. At the moment, we imagine it will be Real Madrid they could both end up at, but it could equally be Barcelona, depending on when the time comes.

“But as this situation gets closer to a decision, it is something that really intrigues me. Dortmund, to City, to Spain could be the path that works for both players.”