Arsene Wenger: Why Arsenal and not Manchester City will win the Premier League

Photo: Getty images

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has revealed why he believes Arsenal are favourites to win the Premier League title this season.

Speaking to beIN SPORTS about the title race, Wenger said: “Arsenal and these players have not been in the position to win the league before.

“Hopefully they win it this year and next year it will be easier. But now, when you have never won it, there will be a moment in the season when the tension comes in.

“When you start thinking more about the need to win than the process and how to play, it gets difficult. I felt that at Arsenal when I was there too.”

When asked whether City were the firm favourites to win the Premier League, Wenger said: “No, no, no. I would say Arsenal still [will win the title].

“What you want in this position is to have things in your hand. If Arsenal win their games, they win the league so that’s an ideal position with a few games to go.

“Of course, Man City have an opportunity when they play Arsenal and that could be the decider in the championship.

“I still fancy Arsenal, I’m not completely objective here, but I do. We will also have to see how much the Champions League takes out of Man City.”