He’s one of the top 10 players in the world – Manchester City urged to sign this Bayern Munich player who is up for sale

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Manchester City have been told to sign Sadio Mane from Bayern Munich this summer after reports emerged Bayern Munich want to sell the Senegalese forward following a dressing room altercation with teammate, Leroy Sane.

Louis Saha told DAZN Bet: “If Bayern let Mane go, I think Premier League clubs should consider him.

“He’s one of the top 10 players in the world, for any team in the Premier League he would make a brilliant addition apart from Man Utd, because he played for Liverpool for so many years.

“But he’s a terrific player. I don’t wish him to go anywhere, I want him to fulfil his contract. He’s a top lad, although he has not projected the image or body language you would expect from him. So perhaps he needs to work on that.

“What happened between Mane and Sane is a normal part of football. It’s not what you want to see and hear, but inside I would say it’s normal.

“If you don’t have those moments, it means there is no competition. There is nothing perfect. You have 25 people, and there are no 25 people who love hanging around with everyone. It’s a very competitive atmosphere.

“There are players who are in competition, so it’s not bromance everywhere! It doesn’t work that way. It’s part of the aggression you want to see. When you finish your career, believe me, you’ll have around five friends from hundreds that you met.

“I’m not saying you have to have grumpy people, but there are 250 days you spend with players and if they don’t all like each other, you will hear stuff like this.”