In the Champions League, Man City have learned from past mistakes – Man City star admits after 1-1 draw against Bayern Munich

Photo: Getty images

Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva admitted after Manchester City’s 4-1 aggregate victory over Bayern Munich that City have learned from our past mistakes in the Champions League.

“In the Champions League, we learned from our mistakes of the past,” Bernardo Silva said afterwards, summing up the one glaring difference between this City and previous versions.

“Before, we used to think that we need to be 90 minutes dominating the game, controlling in their final third.

“In this competition when you play against Bayern Munich, PSG, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool… You need to accept that sometimes you have to defend and be consistent.

“You have to work hard not to give them easy chances and that’s what we’ve been trying to work on in the present because in the past we’ve had a lot of frustrating nights because of that.”