We are very confident and in a very good moment – Manchester City star sends warning to Real Madrid

Manchester City star Bernardo Silva has sent a warning to our Champions League semi-final opponent Real Madrid.

According to Silva, Manchester City are very confident and in a very good moment.

Silva said: “[We are] very confident and in a very good moment.

“The best moment of the season for the team. We struggled until the end of February and on the difficult run we had in the past.

“Winning 10, 15, 20 games in a row and now the team is very consistent in the way we’re playing. We have a chance in every competition and we’re going for that.

“We know how tough it is to get to this spart of the season when if you drop you’re performance for one game in any competition, we will try not to let that happen.

“The next games [is] another final against Sheffield United [then] Arsenal.

“They are going to be tough, but it’s going to be fun. When you’re a little kid you work to get to these moments and you enjoy it as a football player.

“We’ll work very hard to bring some titles back home.”

He added: “We know how hard it is to play Real Madrid in this competition, we’re going to go for it, definitely.

“We always go for it, but we feel the team is very confident at the minute.”