Manchester City star eats the heart of a cow to maintain his brilliant form

Photo: Getty images

According to The Sun, Manchester City star Erling Haaland went from lanky teen to goal machine thanks to eating cow’s heart.

The report adds: “It is hard to believe now but as a baby Erling was a small, thin boy.

“Over the years he has worked hard to bulk up his 6ft 4in tall frame.

“He eats his dad’s home-made lasagne before every home game, wolfs down cow’s heart and liver and drinks milk laced with kale, which he calls “my magic potion”, to maintain a 6,000-calorie-a-day diet.

“Erling also pays for his own chef, who cooks up a Cristiano Ronaldo-inspired lunch of boiled fish and vegetables.

“The young player’s development was undermined by growth spurts which meant he suffered injuries.

“To prevent them, he installed a £50,000 walk-in cryotherapy chamber in house in Cheshire and takes regular ice baths.

“He spends hours in the gym every day honing his six-pack, earning him the nickname The Terminator.

“It has paid off because defenders bounce off the powerful player when they try to bring him down.”