Bernardo Silva reveals the traits Erling Haaland shares with Cristiano Ronaldo

Bernardo Silva has revealed the similarities Manchester City teammate Erling Haaland shares with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Haaland has scored 49 goals in all competitions for Manchester City since joining from Borussia Dortmund last summer.

Quoted by the Daily Mirror, Silva said: “I hope Erling wins the Ballon d’Or because he’s not just a good player, but a very good guy. And I hope that he wins this year – because that means we win the Premier League and the Champions League. I am cheering for him.

“Erling and Cristiano are different personalities. They are very different guys. But on the pitch, I think you can find a few similarities. When he’s in the box, Erling has that hunger to score goals – and Cristiano has it as well.

“When the ball is close to the goal, he’s always there and he’s got that ability to sniff out where the ball will drop. Cristiano is also like that – and that’s the similarity. Apart from that, they are different players and different people. But that hunger of wanting to score and score and score, to help the team, they are very similar.”