‘I adore this Manchester City star. He’s an important player’ – Pep Guardiola

Photo: Getty images

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has revealed how much he admires Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan as he heads towards the end of his contract.

Speaking to reporters, Guardiola said, “I love him. I adore him. I’m married, but I adore him! Ilkay is such an important player.

“Humanity, leading with silence – and yet when he talks everybody listens. He is a football player defined perfectly. An attacking midfielder with a sense of goal and assists. 

“He is so intelligent in the moment and always in the right position. He can also play as a holding midfielder. Ilkay is an exceptional player in all senses.

“You can’t win anything – you can’t even dream it – unless you want to do it. You talk about Ilkay’s experience. That doesn’t mean what happened in the past will happen in the future but being there many times helps.”