Pep Guardiola explains why Manchester City are closer than ever to winning the Champions League

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Pep Guardiola has revealed why he believes Manchester City are closer than ever to winning the Champions League.

Manchester City will play Real Madrid in the semi-finals of the Champions League, our third successive Champions League semi-final.

“Experience for me doesn’t mean what you’ve done in past will happen in the future, but being there many times,” Guardiola explained.

“As much time you’re in the quarter-finals and semi-finals of the Champions League and FA Cup, you will be close, as much as you’re in those games. I remember at Barcelona in the periods when we play the finals in the last years. I remember in the tunnel of the final of the Champions League, or important games, faces were completely relaxed.

“It’s about the personality, we’ve been here three, four times? Madrid won’t be nervous to play a semi-final, how many times been there? They’ve been there. That means what we won will help us to win again? No, we have to prove it. But three years in a row helps. Doesn’t mean we’ll do it next season, but for this season will help.

“Not important is to arrive one year winning then years after not qualify for the Champions League, group stages out, not qualifying, the next three to four years down. Important is every year being there to qualify, ten years. Every year Man City qualify for the Champions League. This counts a lot. One day it will happen. This season, or next, next? If it continues it will happen sooner or later. Hopefully this season we can reach the final like two years ago.”