West Ham manager claims Manchester City is the best Premier League team ever

Photo: Getty images

West Ham manager David Moyes has claimed Manchester City are one of the best Premier League teams ever.

Moyes said: “I think the Premier League has had some incredible seasons. Every year or two, you look and there has been great years.

“Think of when Leicester City won the Premier League, you look at Sir Alex’s teams, then the rise of Man City and you go back to Arsene Wenger as well and the way they all worked in the Premier League.

“I think to sort of say, yes, this is the best one’ I think would be a bit unkind to all of the others, because I think there were some great seasons.

“Are they the best team? They are certainly one of the best teams, if not the best. But, they are certainly one of them and I think it’s another exciting Premier League season.

“I think Arsenal have been incredible this year, the way they have played and pushing and still are pushing all the way. Who knows, they may yet overcome Man City.”